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Hi there, friend! I am mighty happy that you are here, welcome!

Let me take a stab at this, you wake up each morning after snoozing multiple alarms, brew a cup of coffee with your non-fat or sugar free creamer, and grab a granola bar or other quick prepackaged item to begin your day. You tend to your children or your pet all while managing to properly dress yourself. You hurry to your vehicle and if like me, fight an hour of traffic to the office. You make it into the office and you log on to your email and before you realize it, it’s 11:00am. You decide your lunch plans and you head out to a deli in which markets fantastic “healthy” sandwiches and you drool over the whole wheat turkey club without the mayo with baked chips and a pickle. After lunch you channel your inner “worker bee” and 3:00pm rolls around and your eyes are slowly giving out on you. Megan from three rows over has a candy dish on her desk so you make a cup of coffee using the powdered creamer and raw sugar cane and casually stroll over for your afternoon “pick me up”. It’s the end of the day and you are dreading the traffic home and the chores waiting for you once you arrive. Exhausted from your busy day you decide cooking is out of the option but so grateful you remembered to buy the frozen meals last time you were at the store. You arrive home and start the laundry and tend to your family or pet (which is family too!). The frozen dinner dings from the microwave and you spend the remainder of the night vegging out on the couch with TV before you shower, lay down for bed and…. Do it all over again.

Okay, so you probably opted for a salad and achieved 20 minutes of exercise walking the dog but was I somewhat close? If so, I am even happier that you are here because you are exactly whyWholesome Joy exists. Our careers are important! We wake up, work, go home, sleep, and repeat all while trying to find time for fuel and balance. Eating does not have to be so incredibly difficult.

I’m Kelly, a mid-late 20 year old constantly struggling to find the balance between a career and a home life all in one hand. I am the wife to my handsome best friend, Caleb, and the mother to the sweetest four legged child named Rosie. We live in the greater Houston area of Texas and my love for food creativity is so much more than I ever knew. Initially, I began Wholesome Joy as a platform to share paleo recipes with friends and family who asked for them. As I began publishing more, creativity became a newfound passion of mine that I truly did not know existed. This site has not only allowed me to find a sense of happiness, but it has encouraged me to break the evil “working girl” cycle by fueling my body the most nutritious meals to sustain day long energy and focus. Nearly 25 pounds ago, I was the person above, I snoozed and I dreaded the work day and I came home to a bed. We do not have to live Monday through Friday in a blur. My hope is that you find my recipes simple, delicious, and nutritious which in turn, will allow you to break your cycle.

Take a peek around my site! Although the “HOME” page is the most convenient in regards to what is happening now, if you are looking for a specific meal or occasion, the category option on the right column may help expedite that process.

To help you begin, here are three most popular recipes to help you prepare for the week:

  1. SB&T Morning Hash
  2. Meat Lover’s Pizza Casserole
  3. Chicken Fajita Skillet

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